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Win a 4 year scholarship to

the University of Houston-Downtown!

Univision Houston and the University of Houston- Downtown “Tu Futuro” Scholarship is designed to motivate Latino youth in the Houston area to pursue higher education.

Submit a 500 word Essay on :How A College Scholarship will help me positively impact my community.

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Fill in the required fields and submit your essay!



Max File Size: 15 MB


Max File Size: 15 MB

Applications can be submitted from November 18, 2022 through February 26, 2023.


  1. Read information for students interested in attending UHD.

  2. Apply for admission to UHD using the form at


You will need to create an account with your profile to access the form.(Note: $50 application fee will be waived once registration is completed.)

Thank you all for your recent application. Registration is now closed. We appreciate your interest in the scholarship program.  We encourage you to follow our social media pages for the latest news and updates on the program,  including additional scholarship opportunities.

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Check out past winners


The scholarships are open to students who meet all the following criteria:


  1. Reside in the Houston DMA and surrounding counties that receive the Univision signal and are US legal residents.

  2. Are enrolled as a 12th grade student with sufficient credits to graduate in the Spring term of 2023.

  3. Have an outstanding reputation and be in good standing in school and in the surrounding community

  4. Are Bilingual (Spanish/English)

  5. Have a Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher based on a 4.0 scale

  6. Must meet UHD entrance criteria for admissions.

  7. Must apply for admission at UHD using the Apply Texas Application

  8. Are not employees or agents and are not immediate family of and do not reside in the same household of, employees or agents of (a) Univision, and (b) any participating sponsors or their respective parents or affiliates; and (c) persons who are engaged in the development, production, distribution of materials, or drawing of scholarship recipients for this scholarship.

How to Apply

A student must submit a complete application package via the official contest landing page.  The application package must contain the following:


  1. A complete and legible Scholarship Application

  2. Copy of these Rules signed by the student and his/her parent (if the student is a minor)

  3. One (1) photograph of the student

  4. Answers to the questions provided in the application form. 

  5. Submit a 500 Essay on: “How A College Scholarship Will Help Me Positively Impact My Community.” The essay must be double spaced.

  6. Read information for students interested in attending UHD.

  7. Apply for admission to UHD using the form at


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